We’re NAK3D

We are the bridge between fashion brand videogames using AI-developed data. With an innovative approach, we bridge the gap, crafting a seamless connection that transforms virtual experiences into tangible expressions of personal style.

The Gen-Z Problem


Games need content

Fashion and retail brands lack a significant digital presence in Gen Z markets and struggle to gather valuable user data.

Brands need data

In the digital stores of virtual worlds and video games, there’s a pressing need for new and relevant content.

The NAK3D Solution

NAK3D provides a digital and data bridge, empowering fashion and retail brands to establish a digital presence and gather user insights while connecting digital and physical sales. Simultaneously, we provide virtual worlds and video games with a consistent stream of new in-game items, relieving developers and ensuring sustainability.

Build digital Garment from Product | Data| SKU | URL

Create Product | Data| SKU | URL

Analyse Product | Data | SKU | URL




Lulu Guiness


“Stunning creativity”

“I see why you are so highly regarded in the industry”

Metropolis World

Capital Cities of the Metaverse

“Amazing Approach” 

“The work you did for us looks amazing. You really get an understanding of how the garment would feel!”



We’re NAK3D – the unlimited B2B service provider for games and fashion. Our AI-powered tech brings the latest fashion to every gaming realm. For the fashion industry, we provide on-stop-shop experience in converting and distributing their fashion for the digital world. For video games and virtual worlds, we provide a steady flow of high-quality objects to sell in every game store.


Game development veteran, badass, mother of NFTs, metaverse explorer and fashion disruptor. Kelly really wants to bring about change in the intersection of games and fashion.


Serial entrepreneur/exiter, hardcore gamer, nft collector , metaverse explorer and general media nerd. Chris really wants to bring about change in the intersection of games and fashion.

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